Battlegroup 24 bootcamp by MilQuest

Battlegroup 24 bootcamp by MilQuest

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MilQuest is once again offering their help with online bootcamp for you to be ready for coming Battlegroup 24 event!

The bootcamp offers functional training – with focus on strength, agility and speed. The training is heavily inspired by special forces preparation training. You always work with your entire body, to become as effective as possible in the field.

During the 4 weeks of the Bootcamp (24 June – 21 July 2024), every week you will receive 3 weekly workouts and a weekend challenge. The fourth and final weekend challenge is the Battlegroup 24 milsim event itself.

The weekly workouts take about 15-45 minutes and are designed to build your strength and agility. The weekend challenges are longer and are designed to simulate the milsim experience.

With better fitness you will also receive Candidate patch (in welcome letter) and if you finish 100% the bootcamp, you get the Finisher patch (in picture) during Battlegroup 24 check-in progess.

The bootcamp is on MilQuest GREEN level. It is designed to challenge those who are already training regularly. Recommended entry level fitness info you will find at the bootcamp website: