Game on, game off and game over

  • The game starts with a Game on -call by the game masters.
  • The game can be stopped with a Game Off -call.
  • The game can be continued with a Game On -call.
  • The game masters should be informed about any civilians in the game area.
  • The game will be ended by the game masters shouting Game over.
  • After the game ends we don’t recommend taking your eye protection off before entering your base. After the game ends do not fire your weapon unless emptying the chamber.
  • Every game related shouts should be repeated.

Eye safety​

  • Only approved safety goggles/masks (military grade and tested airsoft) are allowed in the event. No “rocket glasses” or poor airsoft goggles. Eye protection should be worn at all times during game time.
  • Ballistic glasses are only allowed for players over 18 years old. Using a mouth guard is recommended.
  • Suspicious safety equipment will be tested by game masters by shooting with at least a 3J weapon from a few centimeters (this is Finnish “standard”). Any broken equipment will not be refunded!

Muzzle velocity limits and special weapons

  • Regular full auto weapons: 1.7 J
  • All support weapons: 2 J
  • Semi-automatic sniper rifles: 2,5 J
  • Heavy semi-automatic sniper rifles (ex. M82 Barret): 3 J
  • Bolt action sniper rifles: 4 J
  • Biodegradable bb’s are mandatory.
  • Owners of weapons over 1.7 J must have a secondary weapon (preferably less than 1 J) for close quarters combat.
  • All weapons must be brought to the chronography for display. The staff will decide whether to chronograph pistols is based on a case-by-case basis. Weapons will be chroned by game master with player’s own bb’s and output will be calculated in joules (Finnish standard). After the chroning all weapons get a colored cable tie according to gun’s power.
  • High Power Air-gun adjustment valves will be sealed after chroning. Players must bring their own seals. If the seal is removed or lost, player must get new one and bring their weapon for chroning again.


  • When you get hit, shout Hit loud and clearly and/or act accordingly. Take out your big orange deathrag and place it so others can see it!
  • In the dark you should also use a red glowing stick or a red light in addition with your deathrag. It would be smart to also shout “dead player” once in a while so that others know you are offgame. You are not obligated to mark yourself with a red light when wounded.
  • Clear ricochets from houses or vehicles do not count as hits
  • Hits to the players weapon disable it. Vehicle turret is not affected by bb hits. Fix your gun by visiting the main base or respawn point.
  • Hits to any equipment that the player is carrying are counted as normal hits.

Knife kill

  • You need real looking soft replica knife or blade weapon to knife kill.
  • Sneak up to your target, touch his body and say “Knife Kill“.
  • A knifed-killed person moans quietly for a moment and then lies dead still for 10 minutes.

Knock out​

  • Knock out is a good option to handle a person that you don’t want to eliminate.
  • Sneak up behind your target, touch his head and say Knock out.
  • The target falls to the ground quietly and stays still for 5 minutes.
  • After this, the target wakes up but does not remember anything from the last 5 minutes.
  • Players wearing helmets cannot be knocked out.


  • A wounded player has 10 minutes to be healed before the player bleeds out. You are not allowed to try avoid get being looted by bleeding out sooner.
  • A wounded player can be knife killed with your hand. Shooting a wounded player on purpose is not allowed.
  • The wounded player can call ”Medic” or ”Lääkintämies” shouting or by radio, but can’t communicate about what happens around him.
  • Wounded player can be moved if aided by another player. Neither helper nor the wounded can use their weapons or heal the wounded at that time. When moving other player, you both must larp a little bit. Running with your helper with just holding hands is not enough.

Healing and medics

  • Player can be healed by friendly or enemy medics or civilian doctors.
  • There can be one medic per each group (group size min. 4 players) and he/she has to have a medic patch/armband (sold at check-in) visible at all times.
  • Medics are allowed to carry a maximum of 10 white field dressings at once. Field dressings can be restocked by visiting the main base, mobile field hospital vehicle or respawn point. Players can bring their own white field dressings but they are also sold by game masters.
  • Healing a wounded player takes 2 minutes. Medic can’t use weapons during healing unless he stops. After this the healing must be started again from beginning.
  • The player can be healed only once, unless the faction has achieved special permission. Information about such permissions will be available from the HQ and possibly in the -website.

Mobile Field Hospital Vehicle

Operating times

  • After deploying the Mobile field hospital, the Mobile field hospital can operate for 1 hour.
  • After 1 hour it cannot be used again for 2 hours.
  • When deploying the Mobile field hospital, the engine must be off and it cannot be moved for 1 hour. If deployed vehicle is moved you cannot use it as respawn for 2 hours.


  • To heal injured troops you must assing a medic to be present at the vehicle.
  • You can heal max. 5 players at the same time (=remove their bandages).
  • Healing (removing bandage) takes 10 minutes for every player. When being healed, players cannot use their weapons. If healing is stopped the countdown resets.
  • Medics can replenish their bandages at the vehicle.

Other rules

  • If the medic at the vehicle is shot, you cannot use the Mobile hospital until the same medic is alive again.
  • The vehicle can be destroyed by the enemy. In case the vehicle is destroyed regular vehicle rules, such as respawn times, do apply.
  • The vehicle or the assigned medic can be changed at base/when respawning.
  • Only unarmed LVL1 vehicles can act as Mobile field hospitals and there are only two per faction. The vehicle must have Ehasa provided “MOBILE FIELD HOSPITAL” markings on both sides.


Capture- and resource points

Rallypoint cache

  • You can recognize rallypoint from small one man tent or tarp, colored tape around a respawn area and the faction flag on the tent/tarp.
  • Rallypoint is carried in Ehasa’s Mil-Tec backpack colored with your faction’s color (blue, red, khaki=yellow) and should be kept with it.
  • Rallypoints are exhausted when used. Inside the tent there is a board where you must mark every respawn you make. Respawning happens half hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30 (e.g. 13:00 or 14:30).
  • Rallypoints are respawn points which can be set up anywhere in the game area.
  • Faction can obtain more resourceboards by completing missions or stealing them.
  • Faction can move their own rallypoints whenever they wish. Inform your superiors about moving the rallypoint so the information reaches faction leaders.
  • You can disable an enemy cache by stealing the resource tables. The enemy’s rallypoint cache nevertheless remains part of the game. Stolen boards can be used to operate your own cache.

Less leathal weapons

  • You can use so called less leathal weapons in game that do not kill the player. These are provided by the game masters.
    1. Training OC-spray, which deploys water or soap water.
    2. Tasers, which are colored waterpistols.
    3. Batons, which are either made from plastic, foam or soft rubber(suitable for training-use).
  • Oc-spray is used by shooting a short spray at the enemy’s torso, not the face.
  • Baton is used by softly touching the enemy in the arm or leg.
  • Taser is used by pointing the spring loaded taser towards the target in 10m or less and shooting the taser (spring is released inside the taser).
  • Using these methods may be wise for stopping ongoing larp fights with less lethal force.
  • When the player is sparayed, tazed or hit with a baton he is unconcious for 5 minutes.
  • The player can be taken prisoner after being sprayed, after which have will turn from being unconcious to captive. 

Ingame money

  • There will be ingame money which is mainly used by civilians but regular players might get their hands on it in certain missions.
  • Using other than money provided by the game masters is forbidden and might lead to a ban from the game.

Searching a player

Player can be searched for any ingame items. Before starting the search, the player should be informed about the search. The search must then be carried out while respecting sensitive areas of the body.

If the player does not want to be searched, he/she must say it outloud and hand over all in-game material in his/her possession.

Any ingame material found in the search can be taken away from the player. During the search the player must tell the searcher when they are handling in-game material.


  • You are allowed to take prisoners.
  • Consent is required from the prisoner. If consent is not given or it’s withdrawn the prisoner is required to hand out all ingame material and go to respawn area for respawning.
  • If a player is taken as a prisoner, his weapon can be confiscated if he’s fine with it. If the player grabs the weapon back, he can use it. Another option is to wrap colored tape (ex. red) around the barrel to mark the weapon as confiscated.
  • If a prisoner escapes/is released, he can use his taped weapon’s after 5 minutes.
  • Imprisoned player can only knife kill with a hidden knife not found in strip search. The knife must be a soft replica and suitable for knife kills. You can however still use knock out.
  • Prisoners weapons cannot be used by other players.
  • A captured player can be “tied up” with a painters tape or cable tie that lacks the locking tongue. The tape / cable tie can be used only with the player’s own permission and the hands must be “tied” to the front. The player must be able to remove the tape/cable tie by himself.
  • Main factions can capture and deliver the civilians to a “Brigade-jail” by bringing the civililian to the factions base. By doing this the faction can remove temporarily a game character. The use of the “Brigade-jail” must always be informed to game masters – preferably in advance.

Locked rooms/spaces

  • There might be doors/objectives which are covered with a tarp or a door and a note stating that it is a locked door/objective. These doors/objectives are locked and cannot opened without an ingame key.
  • These doors/objectives can be broken/blown up by props which are handed out by the game masters. Breaking the door can be done by an “Engineer”. Blowing up must be done in supervision of a game master and before the explosion you must shout Fire in the hole.
  • It is forbidden to shoot into or from a locked room.



  • Engineers are the only ones who can set up and disable AT-mines, open rooms with explosives or fix destroyed in-game vehicles and used Mine Clearing Device. Check the other rules for more info.
  • There can only be 1 engineer per each group (group size min. 4 players) and he/she must wear an engineer -patch (sold at check-in) visible at all times. Civilian players can also be engineers.


  • The factions may have the ability to use a limited amount of artillery.
  • Artillery is ordered through the chain of command. By request, the game masters use pyrotechnics(He-shells), smokes(Smoke-shells) and other means to describe the artillery. Eventual need of ear protection will be indicated in advance by game masters.
  • Game masters point out those wounded by the artillery as well as when it begins and ends. Artillery hit on a vehicle counts as one projectile hit. One artillery strike effects in approx 50 m x 50 m area.

Grenades and pyrotechnics

  • Players are not allowed to bring their own smoke or BB grenades or pyrotechnics.
  • The reason for the ban is that the high volume of waste produced by grenades affecting the process of getting game areas.


  • There will be ingame and offgame vehicles. You need to be extra careful when near vehicles. Enemy vehicle doors cannot be opened to prevent accidents.
  • Players must register their vehicle in advance at the kuulaportti-service. Vehicles are assigned max a three-digit number that indicates the identification numbers of the vehicle. Vehicle category will be determined based on vehicles equipment. Final marking in vehicle will be example 1-1, 2-10, 1-100 etc. At the same time, the category describes how many hits the vehicle can take. The same identification number remains same in all Ehasa ry events, making it easier for us to monitor the use of vehicles. The final decision on the vehicle category will be made on game area in the separate vehicle registration and chronoing process. Information will be available in the website.
  • Max. speed for vehicles is 20km/h. The game masters will use common sense and caution to avoid accidents when driving, still not driving faster than 60km/h that is restricted by the law. Everyone should pay extraordinary caution when driving.
  • In principle, game masters will not transport players during the game, except emergencies, helicopter transports and at the end of the game any drivers back to the parking area.
  • Some of the in game vehicles have a blocked field of view and the movement of such vehicles might also be hard or sudden. For this reason it is forbidden to go near a vehicle when its engine is running, unless the vehicle crew instructs you otherwise.
  • If you want to shoot from the windows, they must be fully opened and taped to stay in place. This must be done before leaving main base and you cannot do it in field. Windows may be kept a little open for safety reasons. In this case it is not allowed to shoot out of this gap and the passengers can ignore any bb’s coming in through the gap!
  • The transportation of personnel on trailers is prohibited.
  • If you have a problem, you can leave feedback to the game masters using the form on .
  • GPS-tracker:
    • Vehicle driver must have either an android-phone with status-application or they must lend an gps-tracker from Ehasa ry. GPS-tracker lease price is 15€. The GPS must be switched on when the vehicle is being used.

Mine Clearing Vehicle (MCV)

Mine clearing

  • MCVs can clear enemy anti-tank mines and landmines on roads.
  • MCVs can clear 4 anti-tank mines before the “clearing device” must be repaired for 15 mins by an engineer player by touching it. Landmines are not counted.
  • The repairing can happen anytime/anywhere and MCV can move after the clearing has been completed and mine clearing can again continue after the repairing of the “clearing device”.
  • Mine clearing is conducted by driving the “clearing device” first over the mines very slowly (<5km/h).
  • Cleared mines should be moved to the side of the road by MCV crew wearing yellow hi-vis vests after the MCV has driven over them completely.

MCV requirements and other rules

  • Only unarmed vehicles can act as MCV and there is only one per faction.
  • MCV follows class 4 vehicle rules. Read the Vehicle rules section for these.
  • MCV must have specially built “protect plate/chains/or similar mine clearing device” built in front or back of the vehicle.
  • If you are thinking of building an MCV for your faction, contact Ehasa first via email
  • The vehicle will also receive Ehasa provided “Mine Clearing Vehicle” markings which will be placed on both sides of the vehicle.

Helicopter and Airborne troops

  • The factions may have the ability to use a limited number of “helicopter rides” which they can use to transport troops to almost anywhere in the game area.
  • In special circumstances, a faction can transport a limited number of vehicles by air, for example, behind enemy lines.
  • Players are transported by the game masters and the players own vehicles with offgame markings to the drop zone. If the transport vehicles are only the players own vehicles, the vehicles must have a separate “skill card” provided by the game masters, which indicates that it is an offgame transport.
  • Players are back ingame, when they disembark the vehicle. The players who have loaned their own vehicles for the helicopter raid must drive back to base and after that they are back in game.
  • If a helicopter lands near the enemy main base, the enemy HQ may be informed by game masters with a 5 minute delay.

 Anti tank soldier

  • You can destroy vehicles by using a 40mm TAG palading color powder grenade/similar commercial colored powder projectile. You can buy these yourself or rent them from game masters in advance. Only an at-soldier can use these grenades.
  • There can be only one at-soldier for each group (group size min. 4 players) and he/she must wear an at-soldier patch (sold at check-in) visible at all times. Very limited number of civilian players can also be anti-tank capable if allowed by Civilian GM.
  • Using other than Tag paladin grenades/similar commercial colored powder projectile (for example TAG Reaper, Archangel, Velum, Pecker) is strictly forbidden! Intentional use of other grenades is followed by removal of the player from the game! The Pecker training grenade can only be used at the base for safe training.
  • Impact energy of TAG Paladins/similar commercial colored powder projectile can not exceed 40J. Note that the use of shells made by TAG is always permitted.
  • There can be only one at-soldier for each group (group size min. 4 players) and he/she must wear an at-soldier patch or armband.
  • A Paladin/similar commercial colored powder projectile must not be fired from a vehicle unless the launcher is attached to the vehicle structures/gun. In this case, the group using the vehicle must not have another projectile launcher in the same group. If there is an anti-tank player exiting in the vehicle, he may not shoot the paladin until both of his/her feet have touched the ground and the person has firmly exited the vehicle.
  • Anti tank players can report hits to vehicles using the PMR 8 (446.09375 MHz) channel. The language on the channel must be English and the behavior on the channel must be objective. Vehicle must first be called to make sure they are on the channel. For example, “Vehicle 223 this is Pekka, can you hear me.” “This is Vehicle 223, go ahead.”, “Vehicle 223, you were hit in the rear.”, “This is Vehicle 223, thanks, will check it out and stop.” The channel is not intended for dispute or other use.

Radio-controlled aircraft/UAV/

  • Players and game masters can use both ingame and offgame drones.
  • Special attention in the Halli game area should be focused on flying altitude when flying anywhere in the game area and especially near the Halli airport. The flying altitude or flying/filming at all is very restricted in all around the game area because of the airport.
  • Follow all the rules of authorities so we all can have drones in future games also!
  • Ehasa will try to get permission from authorities for our own drone so we are able to make better films but we are not responsible for player permissions.
  • Player drones must be equipped with their faction color markings in bottom of drone and pilot’s personal information.
  • No-flight-zones can be found in aviamaps and in on the special No-flight-zone map.
  • Shooting a drone is strictly forbidden. Attempts to shoot a drone will result in removing player from the game!
  • The user of a drone must follow Trafi’s instructions and Finnish laws. For more information see
  • If you wish to bring a drone you must contact game masters and your own faction command first.


  • You may use your own radios, so bring one with you.
  • Because the game area is big, it is recommended to bring a GSM phone so you can communicate and follow the website as well as call for help in case of an emergency.
  • Every faction will plan their own communication network together with the game masters.
  • Radio intelligence is not restricted but interference is prohibited.


  • There must be one armband on both hands and both must have a player ID number written on it. The ID number can be obtained at the registration or from your kuulaportti ticket (Do not mix with ticket ID).
  • Armbands must be at least 3,5cm wide, preferably 11cm so you can be identified better. The armband must go around the arm, a colored patch is not enough!
  • You must keep your armband visible on both of your arms. Only players in reconnaissance units can wear the armband on both of their ankles regardless of their uniform.
  • Platoon, company and battalion commanders will have a special patch, which will be provided by game masters before the game. You can also buy your own ones if you need more than 1 patch.
  • Using an enemy armband is strictly forbidden unless game masters give you a special permission. Player breaking this rule will be removed from the game.

Uniforms and band colors

  • Coalition of Nordberg

    No restrictions on camouflages. Military look.

  • Northern Royal Guard

    No restrictions on camouflages. Military look.

  • Northern Iron Rule

    Military or civilian clothing. No restrictions.

  • Civilian

    Only civilian clothing.


  • Capture and resource points can be captured around the clock. For night time some points might also be marked as offline in order to direct the night fights. Always check the map for the latest information.
  • Faction bases are offgame area 24/7 but you must wear your eye safety. Traditional reconnaissance of an opponent’s base is carried out by other means.
  • Around the borders of bases, the players living in the base can open fire on enemy troops or vehicles which are trying to approach or drive past the base. These enemies are not allowed to return fire. With this, we try to avoid needless “base attacks” and “surrounding enemy base” tactics.
  • Players’ tents are basically “offgame” unless the tent is specifically labeled with “Ingame”-sign.
  • Some buildings / rooms may also be offgame. In this case, they are specifically tagged as “offgame”.
  • Players cannot use offgame areas to hide or shoot outside/inside them. To eliminate players in an offgame area clearly inform them that they are eliminated. After this players inside must place a deathrag in the doorway for others to see.
  • LARP situations must clearly take place outside the factions bases.

Rules related to this game area

  • You cannot go over any possible fences in the area.
  • Breaking of saplings or terrain or trees in the area is strictly prohibited.
  • You cannot enter caves without permission and guidance from Game masters.
  • By yourself it is not allowed to dig except for a small ditch around your tent. Other digging is guided by Game masters for special purposes and places. All ditches must be filled after the game!
  • Some areas inside the game area are marked as offgame on the map. Do not enter them. Some offgame areas are marked differently and are allowed for trespassing by roads and/or forest. This is told always in in description of the offgame area.
  • Special attention in the Halli game area should be focused on drone flying altitude when flying anywhere in the game area and especially near the Halli airport. The flying altitude or flying/filming at all is very restricted in all around the game area because of the airport.
  • Follow all the rules of authorities so we all can have drones in future games also!
  • Ehasa will try to get permission from authorities for our own drone so we are able to make better films but we are not responsible for player permissions.

Other rules

  • You are not allowed to shoot through holes smaller than your own head. For example putting a barrel through boards in building wall is not allowed. Keep common sense and sportsmanship thinking in your mind with this rule.
  • Blindfire is forbidden. Player must always see where his/hers gun is pointing.
  • In certain missions, props and larp elements might contain some game mechanics not included in these rules. In case of such situations instructions will always be available. Act accordingly and be ready for anything. Players are not allowed to create these game mechanics by themselves (ex. poison) without consulting game master first.
  • You cannot attend an event while intoxicated. Suspected intoxicants can be tested. Not satisfying this rule might leave you being removed from the event.
  • For safety reasons, camping stoves, disposable grills and similar heat generators on the ground are subject to forest fire warnings and fire regulations.