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Wednesday 24.7.
09.00-14.00 Registration
est. 14-18 Vehicle registration
18.00-20.00 Faction / Game masters briefing
19.00 Game starts for reconnaissance teams and civilian players
20.00 Game starts for everybody else
02.00 Voluntary game pause for the night
Thursday 25.7.
09.00 Game starts again
02.00 Voluntary game pause for the night
Friday 26.7.
09.00 Game starts again
02.00 Voluntary game pause for the night
Saturday 27.7.
09.00 Game starts again
16.00 Game ends!
Sunday 28.7.
15.00 Players must leave from the accommodation areas

Game area

The event will take place in a brand new game area in the city of Jämsä. The game area is an old training area of the Defense Forces called Halli. The area has wonderful roads, great terrain and good places for faction bases.

There is also one ingame base in the area, which is run by civilians. The base is held by one of the two sides throughout the game, with civilians helping the dominant side in maintaining the base.

What kind of game is Battlegroup?

  • The Battlegroup -game series is a combination of airsoft, milsim and larp elements. The game can be compared to the Swedish Berget–events.
  • The game is filled with ongoing operations and momentary missions, which are handed out by the team leaders.
  • The game will not be full on battle the whole time, there will also be some times you won’t be able engage in battle.
  • The players are there for different kinds of experiences, so try to mind the civilians and other special roleplayers.
  • Players should be physically and mentally prepared that the game will last +60 hours and the game area is large. This means the players should be well equipped for moving long distances, long times on the battlefield, weather changes and that food and water will not always be on hand.
  • You don’t necessarily have to have any experience in airsoft before the event, but being in the military or being a scout is recommended in this case. If you are in doubt that you can survive Battlegroup -game, we encourage you to take part in other smaller events before arriving to the game.
  • Remember to apply for your faction Discord-channel after you have paid the ticket price. Send your name, ticket number and faction to the #closed_faction_channel_applications. When this information has been checked, your faction specific channel will open for you.
  • The official in game languages are finnish and english

Structure of command

  • The Battlegroup-game series is pretty much based on the commands the battalion commander gives to their sub-commanding officers; ergo, company commanders/ platoon leaders. They will then forward the missions and instructions to the group leaders. The information travels both ways, so if you or your team has an in game issue/request please share it with your commanding officer and not directly with the battallion commander. This will ensure that the battallion commander isn’t overwhelmed with all kinds requests from many sources.
  • All in game battling factions have a structure of command, which all have their leaders. The players are expected to obey the commands of their commanding officers. This is not a game for loners, where just everyone is looking at their own best intrests.
  • If you and/or your team is not happy with something, please be in contact with your commanding officer or if neccesary with his/her commanding officer.
  • Remember that every player is attending the game at their own free will and that everyone should be allowed to enjoy their experience.
  • Remember to join your own factions discord-group before the game. This will ensure that you get all the information needed to attend the game.


The battalion commander hands out the missions for his team. The Game masters will hand out larger obejctives and smaller missions. Other in game characters might also give out missions for players to be completed voluntarily.

Game masters "Pelinjohto"

  • The game masters can be contacted by telephone +358 400 232 630
  • The game masters can be found at all times at the check-in -site.
  • Every faction has their own dedicated game master part of the organization.
  • Game masters can be recocnized by their Game master ID-cards (and yellow vest).
  • We will also appoint trustee players who are supposed to watch after players following rules and report to Ehasa. Trustees have their own patch from Ehasa. Only Ehasa game masters can make any decisions.

Behaviour in game

  • You should obey the finnish laws and good manners.
  • Remember that some of the players might emphatise or act out their role!
  • Shouting and arguing about the enemy taking their hits is not good behaviour. Instead try to inform the opposite side players politely or go and have a talk with them.
  • If a player is acting inappropriately, please inform the game masters or trustee players immediately.
  • The game masters reserve all rights to hand out warnings to the players or ban players from the game for inappropriate behaviour or breaking the rules. A ban from other Ehasa-games can also be used in extreme cases.
  • In cases of criminal behaviour (intentional destruction of the game area or property, theft, disturbance of ordinance) we will contact the officials.

Unclear situations

  • Stay calm, even though the other person(s) wont.
  • Try to settle the situations with the other person(s) and try to make an agreement.
  • If you can’t make an agreement with the other person(s), please contact a game master or a trustee player.
  • In extreme situations write down the other persons player-ID from their armband and report the situation to the game masters afterwards so we can settle the situation with both parties.


  • Players accomodate themselves in their own tents at the bases or at a location seperately discussed beforehand with the game masters.
  • If you are going to sleep in the game area or in an in-game base, then take care of your eye protection!
  • Campers are allowed, but room in base should be left for everyone! If using camper in civilian village area, offgame area around it must be marked with tape.
  • All command and accommodation tents in bases are offgame.
  • Depending on the game area It sometimes is allowed for civilians to use possible buildings as accommodation, but in this case the player should clearly mark that the building is offgame with clear markings. This should also be dealt beforehand with the game masters.
  • Players are not allowed to use offgame areas as places to hide and/or shoot outside from them, also shooting inside an offgame area is forbidden. To eliminate a player inside an offgame area you simply just need to notify the player inside the area that they are eliminated after with the person(s) have to equip their death rags.


Aftergames and pregames will be held on faction bases before and after the game.

Adjusting hop-up

There’s a marked area in both bases and at the check-in -site for adjusting your hop-up. Don’t adjust your hop-up in your base or in the vicinity of it, that you don’t accidentally cause false alarms!


  • For washing we plan that players would have tent saunas at main bases and have “cold showers” with tarps, wet room carpets, tubs and rechargeable excursion/portable showers. The HQ will be having spare ones recharging, if the batteries run out. Also there are small lakes next to the main bases.
  • Water and electricity for charging batteries will be available in all bases.
  • Water points, toilets and wells are marked to and event map.
  • First aid service is available at the check-in area and basic items at the faction bases command tents. First aid can also be called to the scene via telephone.
  • Players must bring their own food or use areas food services to the game. For safety reasons, camping stoves, disposable grills and similar heat generators on the ground are subject to forest fire warnings and fire regulations.
  • There will be trash and can/bottle bins in the villages and at the bases. Everyone is responsible to take care of their own trash and trash left by others. SO THAT WE ARE ABLE TO GET AREA FOR OUR USE IN THE FUTURE!
  • Toilets will be located in both bases and some can be found around the game area. If you notice that a toilet is full or has run out of toilet paper, please inform your commanding officer or the game masters about it.
  • If you notice that water has run out, the trash bins are full or that the toilet paper has run out, please inform the game masters at +358 400 232 630!
  • Try to bring your own firewood. It is only allowed to make an open fire at marked areas. You are not allowed to make your own fireplaces because of the characteristics of the game area!
  • If you want to know what food, gas, pharmacy, accommodation services are available nearby the game area, check our recommendations at New player – Tips for new players -website section where we have listed them.

Injuries and first aid

  • In emergency situations call 112, obey the instructions, arrange guidance to the area and inform the game masters.
  • Remember always to be in touch with the game masters via telephone, even if it happens after the accident, if you are otherwise too busy.
  • Game masters’ phone number: +358 400 232 630
  • Address of the game area: Halinkankaantie 642, Jämsä.
  • As the game area is large, in emergencies, the best way is for the game masters to guide the help from the game management position in Halinkankaantie to the accident site.
  • In mild cases, seek first aid from other players, your teams commander or the game masters.
  • Please inform every injury (even a sprained ankle) to the Game masters.

Arrival and check-in

  • Players will leave their cars parked at the temporary parking lot and will take all the needed materials for checking in, chronoing and shopping with them.
  • For check-in you will need (or need to buy on site): Orange death rag, two faction armbands, identification, a receipt of the payment if needed and the necessary money to pay on site, if you have chosen that option. We recommend that you reserve the correct change in cash, we can not guarantee payment by credit/debit card.
  • After the check-in you will be guided to the chronoing. Before the chronoing there will be an opportunity to adjust your weapons. You will be chroned by using your own bb. Please make sure that your guns are ready, because there is no time to adjust them at the chronoing site!
  • After checking in and chronoing you can visit our sponsors’ booths. Our sponsors will be advertising their products on our websites, Discord and on Facebook.
    When you are ready at the check-in -site you can head to your own teams base to empty your cars. The location of your faction base will be published on, this website, faction discord-groups and also sent to your e-mail -address.
  • More detailed information about the on-site services will be published closer to the event at website.


  • Players can drive their cars to the bases for loading and unloading before and after the game.
  • After unloading the gear from the cars the drivers will have to bring their cars to the parking area.
  • The parking area will be inside the game area (marked as offgame) and less than 3,5 kilometer walk from main bases.
  • The game masters will not take any reponsibility of the cars left at the parking area.
  • The parking of offgame -vehicles in the game area during the game is strictly forbidden!
  • Only allowed way to have an offgame vehicle in base at a designated spot is to have it marked as your ingame squad’s service car by your faction’s HQ. Your faction HQ will be responsible for giving out those permits and they will be limited in number.
  • So after you have arrived in the base, gather your ingame squad and agree on which car will stay as service car and report to HQ with the info (registration number) and receive the permit. If your ingame squad has an ingame vehicle (two seat ATV/car), then you cannot have a separate service car at the base. The permit must be kept shown inside on the windshield of the service car.
  • The idea of a service car is to allow faster transportation to the parking area and back to base when the game is on.
  • More detailed information about the parking lots will be published closer to the event. Bases will have designated spot for the service cars.
  • You will see the info closer to the event from, website and get it from HQ.