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Work at the event

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Welcome to work at the TSTOS event!

We are constantly looking for new contributors to our events. Due to the nature of the work, we might not be able to present concrete work assignments, but we aim to use the knowledge and expertise of any willing assistants.

For example, if you are proficient with the camera, you get along well with people, or you are good with tools we believe you are very well qualified as an assistant!

We are looking for employees for the TSTOS event to assist with for example ticket sales, weapon chronography, parking rides, construction of respawns, traffic control and garbage cleaning. In addition to these, the event may also include work that is not generally defined, such as arranging the contents of our shipping containers or building game props, and so on.

All work assignments are such that you can attend the event if you wish. The work tasks are scheduled for the start of the event (ticket sales, traffic control, etc.) and the final stages (garbage cleaning, etc.).

The duration of shifts may vary depending on the job and the employee’s wishes. We are flexible in terms of working hours.