The event will be held on July 24-27, 2024 in a Halli training area in Finland.

Battlegroup 2024 is a four days long milsim airsoft event

The event takes place at the old training area of the Finnish Defense Forces called “Halli” in the city of Jämsä. The area has excellent roads and variable terrain, as well as beautiful battlegrounds and some very special locations. Traditionally, in the Battlegroup series, you will encounter various off-road vehicles that bring atmosphere to the battlefield.

Game area

The game area is Halli training area. The area is unified and has a beautiful terrain and great road network.

Game fee

The ticket starting price for main factions is 100 € and for civilians 35€. Ticket prices increase over time.

Age limit

The minimum age is 18 years, but if you are coming with other adults and you are at least 16 years old, then send us an email.


The event starts on Wednesday 24 July 2024 and ends on Saturday 27 July 2024

Where can I buy a ticket for the event?

Ticket sales take place at the service. Remember to read the event’s website and rules carefully before purchasing a ticket. Ticket prices increase according to the number of players, so you should get a ticket well in advance.

Information about
Coalition created from the factions from the Nordberg civil war who seek to establish a new modern democratic government for Nordberg. 
The Northern Royal Guard gathers everyone who seeks to set the old Nordholm royal family back to its place as the leaders of Nordberg lands and government.
The Northern Iron Rule took power of Nordberg from the Nordholm royal family in 1956, but collapsed during the recent civil war. Now in the countryside and cities there are only individuals and small groups of members from the old government and military formations.
After the start of civil war in 2020 there has only been chaos, uncertainty and fear for civilians. Even after the NIR fell in the civil war of 2022, it only meant the start of a new war between the NRG and the CN. Once again civilians were left in the middle of it.

HQ for Northern Royal Guard has been chosen!

Greetings fellow NRG fighters! Northern Royal Guard HQ will be formed by Kyrö Company. Kyrö is a mission oriented, experienced union of teams. For us leadership is about coordination, motivation, and support. We are thankful for the trust laid on us, and are honored to have this group of skillful...

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Reminder for the Milquest bootcamp sign up (24.6.)

The bootcamp for Battlegroup 24 from MilQuest is still this week open for sign ups and starts at 24.6. More info about this online training bootcamp you can read here:

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Only few new slots coming for Coalition of Nordberg faction

As people have noticed, the Coalition of Nordberg faction is now full. We will open 10 slots for both mechanized infantry and normal infantry at Tuesday 19:00 finnish time. (The sign up will be closed for short time before that.) We won’t open more slots for now, as we (and...

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Northern Royal Guard command?

As many have noticed we are still looking the commander for Northern Royal Guard faction. Sometimes previously we have taken the command with Ehasa member acting as commander, but this time we have made decision not to do so because it takes away important resource from us. We also know,...

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Discount deal for Battlegroup and Bellum events

The organizers of swedish Bellum and finnish Battlegroup airsoft milsim events have decided to offer you discount, if you decide to participate in both events. The amount of discount is 20€. You get a discount on the ticket for both events separately. You are entitled to a discount only if...

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New payment methods

Now you can pay for your Battlegroup 24 event ticket on the spot using one of the three sports voucher services: Edenred, Smartum or Epassi You can only pay for the event ticket with these vouchers, i.e. you have to pay for options such as badges etc. separately. If you...

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