Coalition of Nordberg (CN)

Coalition of Nordberg (CN)

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Coalition of Nordberg (CN)

Mechanized battalion created from forces of Coalition of Nordberg (CN). Coalition is created from the factions from the Nordberg civil war who seek to establish a new modern democratic government for Nordberg. Coalition of Nordberg forces use blue armbands and vehicle flags.

Remember to apply for your faction Discordchannel after you have paid the ticket price. Send your name, ticket number and faction to the #closed_faction_channel_applications. When this information has been checked, your faction specific channel will open for you.

Infantry companies

  • Infantry companies are made from many platoons which are assigned to attack and defense missions along with additional tasks given by the battalion commander.
  • It is important for team leaders to inform their platoon leader and company commander about their playing style and capabilities in advance. The goal of this is to give faction commander better estimate of the performance of factions troops.
  • Companies are based in their factions main base.

Mechanized company

  • The mechanized company will be assigned on offensive and support missions given by the faction leader. The faction leader is given free hands on how to use their mechanized forces.
  • Company is based in their factions main base.
  • You must have your own vehicle or a place in your teams vehicle to be qualified for this unit.
  • Separate online registration for the vehicle is required in the Kuulaportti after the vehicle bringer has bought a ticket for himself. Also you must get your vehicle inspected at the vehicle registration point on site. You can read more about this from the rules-section and

Special and reconnaissance

  • The special and reconnaissance platoon will provide reconnaissance, combat and other missions.
  • Unit members are expected to be more independent on the field than other players.
  • Reconnaissance platoon can increase their mobility by using bikes and ATVs but no other vehicles.
  • The platoon is based in their factions main base unless otherwise is decided by the commander.
  • Members of the unit are allowed to use ghillie-suits and wear their armbands in both ankles regardless of clothing.
  • Individual or group application to reconnaissance platoon can be found in here . It is advisable to register to the game to a Infantry/  Mechanized Company after which the player can be easily transferred to the reconnaissance platoon. Application processing may take up to few weeks.

HQ platoon and the commander

  • The HQ will maintain the main base along with other platoons and provide leadership within the battalion.
  • The battalion commander is in charge of the whole faction.
  • An ingame command tent(3x9m), electricity, water will be provided.
  • It is recommended that the battalion commander assembles his or her hq team as early as possible before the event.
  • Applications to the reconnaissance platoon are handled by battalion commander.
  • You can apply for the battalion commander position by email: