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Country of Nordberg and the Operation Grey Seal

Nordberg state history and current status

Nordberg (fictional country) is located in the Nordic countries and is known for its beautiful island borders on the Baltic Sea, inland blue lakes and beautiful wilderness. The economy has consisted of producing both raw materials and end products for the international market. For centuries, the state has been ruled by the royals of the Nordholm family, but in 1956 the power was seized from King Markus III by the autocratic Northern Iron Rule (NIR), which ruled the state with its tight grip until the 2020s. In the 2020s, a civil war broke out in the country, during which rebel groups called the Northern Royal Guard (NRG) and the Coalition of Nordberg (CN) rose against the autocratic regime, which succeeded in overthrowing the forces of the Northern Iron Rule at 2022. But after that they drift to fight against each other, fighting over whether the Nordberg should be led by the last descendant of the Nordholm royal family or whether the state should form democratic rule of law. As the country’s instability continues, the residents of Nordberg have been constantly left in the middle of constant uncertainty. Both in the cities and in the countryside, there are still active battles between the Northern Royal Guard and the Coalition of Nordberg. Also among the civilians and in small detachments, supporters of the Northern Iron Rule, the old government employees and former soldiers, are still moving around the country.

Operation Grey Seal

After the war, the area of the Halli Military Airfield and its surrounding areas are only a memory of its heyday, but the area still offers important resources and opportunities for warfare and technology development. Because of this, despite its poor condition, the area is still the focal point of the battles between the Northern Royal Guard and the Coalition of Nordberg. As part of the “Grey Seal” operation, both sides are trying to keep control of the communication network around the airport and its various functional parts, from the anti-air battery to the communication cabinets. At the same time they try to find the technological artifacts left in the area by the administration of Northern Iron Rule. A small village inhabited by civilians has also fallen into the middle of these battles, whose rulers the villagers are ready to help, so that they could just survive these crazy years. For the military parties, these civilians are important because they may have skills and know things from the old regime, and they heavily depend on the soldiers’ willingness to help the village.

The area of Halli and its airport still has important status and resources which the fighting factions want to control.

Flag of Nordberg

Northern Iron Rule troops near the end of civil war in 2022.

Northern Royal Guard troops in summer 2023 preparing for mission.

Nordberg civilians in summer 2023 interacting with soldiers.