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After the start of civil war in 2020 there has only been chaos, uncertainty and fear for civilians. Even after the Northern Iron Rule fell in the civil war in 2022, it only meant the start of a new one between the Northern Royal Guard and the Coalition of Nordberg and once again civilians were left in the middle of it. Civilians use Green/white armbands and vehicle flags.

Civilians run the only ingame base in the area. The base can be controlled by one of the two factions throughout the game, with civilians helping the dominant side in maintaining the base. Civilians can carry weapons with them, but they must take into account that they can easily pose a threat to other fighting players.

Remember to apply for your faction Discordchannel after you have paid the ticket price. Send your name, ticket number and faction to the #closed_faction_channel_applications. When this information has been checked, your faction specific channel will open for you.

Camp workers

  • Workers tasks are to ensure that water, electricity and supplies are available in the camp.
  • The workers are also responsible for fortifying the camp.
  • Stay either at the base (ingame) or in a separately marked area near the base (offgame)


  • A group that has broken away from camp life and live somewhere in the area.
  • They offer services to the camp people in exchange for money and goods.
  • Even though they no longer live in the camp, they still have close relations with the camp and are always willing to help the campers.


  • A small group whose task is to maintain a store in the camp.
  • They sell commodities to anyone who has in-game currency
  • Game masters can support traders with real money to buy commodities to sell at the event.

White Cross

  • International non-profit medical organisation
  • They offer medical services to everyone in the area of operations
  • Strives to guarantee healthcare in the region

Example pictures of civilians