Northern Royal Guard command?

Northern Royal Guard command?

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As many have noticed we are still looking the commander for Northern Royal Guard faction.

Sometimes previously we have taken the command with Ehasa member acting as commander, but this time we have made decision not to do so because it takes away important resource from us. We also know, that our airsoft community has many potential leaders able to take the next step and learn and grow up as faction leader. This way we can also have dedicated GM member as Faction HQ liason between the HQs and Head Gamemasters as intended for this event. Also we know, that NRG will be easy to lead, as the faction has already strong core from well known KYRÖ company who know how to play (and how to lead them and other players). So the help from GM and other players is there to be given to the new brave leader.

But before this new leader takes his place, we have already made an email for this faction. We hope that those who have already established squad, platoon or company and who are volunteer leaders for those, would email their info (name, possible strength, possible vehicle(s) and contact info) to this faction email. That way we GMs can already prepare stuff before the actual command takes it over.

The Northern Royal Guard email is: